3D Portraits Made of Thousands of Screws

Andrew Myers’ screw art is made from thousands of a very lifeless object, a screw. Yet, he creates distinctively unique and realistic pieces, mostly portraits, by combining oil paint and the right use of shadows. It is amazing how something as warm and soft as the human flesh is depicted using the cold, hard, and sharp medium of steel screws. This creation of life from metal is almost beyond belief.

Fading Thoughts
A dynamic portrait expressing movement with static objects made with approximately 8,000 screws, oil paint, and phonebook pages

It’s Been a Long Day
“The masterful use of shadow and subtle variations in tone create a wonderful optical illusion: when viewed from even a short distance away, the shirt appears to be made of actual fabric, not 6,500 plus steel screws.”
Media: wood, screws, oil paint, French newspaper from 1910’s-30’s

We Don’t Belong in the Shadows
“Portraits that emphasize the interplay and contrast between light and shadow”

La Mona Bethany
Portrait of Andrew’s sister using approximately 10,000 screws, oil paint, and telephone book pages

What Used to Be

Watch The Self Portrait by Andrew Myers

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