These Sculptures Of Elephants In The Savanna Were Carved From Pencils

One of the things I admire most about artists is the scale they choose to work in. Some may prefer to tackle large murals, or create art in a vast country field. Others may prefer to literally work under a microscope where they produce detailed carvings, sculptures, paintings, and more. Cindy Chinn has opted for carving carpenter pencils into elephants.


There is a splash of ironic humor to be found in such small representations of the largest terrestrial mammals on Earth, but the details are truly stunning. On one piece in particular, Cindy has carved an intricate and realistic savanna vista with a family of elephants into the pencil.


Using reference photos, she overlays them with a grid pattern. She then lightly carves this grid pattern into the pencil lead, and then slowly and methodically shaves it away until an astonishingly accurate depiction of elephants is all that remains of the lead.




One piece in particular titled “Elephant Walk” was commissioned by the Epiphany Elephant Museum, and more carvings of hers can be bought at her Etsy shop. Though if you wish to purchase such delicate treasures, be sure to protect them just as we should protect the delicate balance that is the natural world.



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