Self-Propelled Wooden Mechanical Marvels

Da Vinci would have been proud to see such delights come to life through the medium of wood. ‘UGEARS’ are unique mechanical 3D models that are made from wood and assembled by hand. They can propel themselves, so no electricity is required. But above all else, they are simply marvelous to look at.

ugears 1

ugears 2

ugears 3

No glue or special tools are required, which only makes you appreciate the craftsmanship even more. From vehicles of yore to classic steam engines to incredible mechanical flowers, these mobile yet relatively silent creations are sure to impress onlookers.

ugears 4

ugears 5

There is almost a sense of Christmas wonder and whimsy about these models; a classic and vintage feeling not felt in many decades. They are a reminder of a time before ours, yet just as functional as they are useful in some cases. It’s almost a form of living art.

ugears tanker_zpsttjlaxdg

Though made by modern means, they speak to a simpler time and to classic beauty. These beautiful creations are still in the development phase, but you can support their Indiegogo campaign here.

ugears 6

ugears 7

ugears 8

ugears 9

ugears 10

ugears 11

ugears 12

ugears 13

ugears 14

ugears 15

ugears 17

ugears 18

ugears 19

ugears 20

ugears 21

ugears 22

ugears 23

ugears 24

ugears 25

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