The Shape of this House is Unbelievable!

Do you ever get jealous of hermit crabs and turtles? Why can’t humans live in shells? Well, apparently, we can.
This house, named the Nautilus, is designed to look like a shell and takes it’s cues from nature. In this spirit, architect Javier Senosian aimed to give it as few edges and angles as possible.

seashells 5
Senosian specializes in what he calls “bio-architecture.” His work is inspired by Gaudi’s work in Barcelona and the “organic architecture” of Frank Lloyd Wright. Talk about attention to detail!

seashell 3

If you think the outside of this house is impressive…
seashell 2

Wait till you see the inside!
seashells 6

seashells 8

seashells 7

Every room – even the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room – is designed to have the look and feel of coral, bringing the natural environment of the ocean to life in this unique living space.

seashell 1

Take a tour of this one of a kind house by watching this video below!

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