“Shooting Thoughts” Turns Paris Cathedral Into Interactive Art Exhibit

Every year in Paris, at sunset on the first Saturday of October, the city transforms into a work of art as the Nuit Blanche event begins. Paris becomes the canvas for contemporary multimedia art displays that light up the city. One such display takes place in the Saint-Eustache Cathedral.
Upon entering the cathedral, viewers are drawn inward by the meditative music ringing through. Beams of laser light sizzle and crackle as they trace the passages of the architecture of the cathedral. Viewers are invited to become creators as they send their own “thoughts” through mobile devices.

Guests are asked to send a text message to the church, triggering a laser beam as part of the light show – a sort of smart-phone powered laser beam, if you will.
The creator of the interactive projection, Filipe Vilas-Boas, explains, “Connected to lasers, each thought becomes a shooting star that reaches its galaxy by using all the possible paths the architecture allows.”

Eventually everyone’s thoughts culminate their journey by coalescing into a constellation on the ceiling. Vilas-Boas explains, “Like all of us, each star finds its place at its own speed with its individual trajectory.”

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