Simply Sublime Cracked Log Lamps

Every now and then you can find something that is whimsical, practical, and aesthetically-pleasing all at the same time. Duncan Meerding is an Australian furniture and lighting designer based in the Australian state of Tasmania. The beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness has been a major influence on him and his work.

Meerding exploits the natural cracks in the logs (which are sustainably sourced) by placing LEDs within the logs that then highlight the splits on the surface. They give a warm glow not unlike that of a campfire, and each piece is a marvel of natural beauty and uniqueness.

The behavior of the light is of special interest to Meerding. “The relationship between light and shadow and light dispersion are also integral to my design process. Being legally blind with less than 5% of my sight remaining, the vision of light emanating from the peripheries of the different objects, reflect the alternative sensory world within which I design.”

Each log can be used as a lighting accessory, or a stool, or even as a table depending on the size and the desired application. Whatever your desire, it will be built to last. According to Meerding, “rather than focus on quick-moving trends, each design is created with a focus on longevity.”

“By combining traditional hand-made techniques, modern manufacturing technologies and small-scale production, each object is built to last. Sustainability and care for the environment are present in every step of the design/making process,” he continues in artist and company statement. His work is wonderful and varied, and you can see more of it in the links provided.

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