Spanish Catholic Man Spends 53 Years Building A Cathedral By Himself

As someone who spent a year abroad in Spain, I can confirm the notion that Catholicism may as well be in the blood of any Spaniard. For many, it is simply a cultural aspect and not a religious obligation. For others, such as Justo Gallego, it is a very real connection and devotion to God that motivates them.
Gallego was born in 1923 and has been building this cathedral since 1963. He has given up his house and all of his earthly possessions and devoted his life to this enormous and charming cathedral that he has built entirely by hand. His is but a simple laborer, and not an architect. His distinct cathedral can be found on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain’s capital and largest city.

Questions remain about the borderline-modernist cathedral when Gallego passes away or becomes to weak or ill to work. Gallego himself is leaving its fate “to the divine hand” but of course hopes that his humble yet impressive work will be continued toward completion. Only time will tell, and in the meantime we wish señor Gallego the best of luck.

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