Striking Animal Skull Art by Peter Deligdisch

Peter Deligdisch is a 23-year old artist known for his creative doodles. With so much intricate detail, his artwork gives a stunning impression of texture even when drawn on paper. On Youtube, he invites his audience in discovering his artwork in the making, and in his book, Line of Thought, he unveils over 80 of his pieces in an awe-inspiring collection enriched with thought provoking writing.

Peter Deligdisch has recently given a new dimension to his artwork by drawing and doing pyrography on animal skulls. The results are exquisite.

Peter Deligdisch’s websiteyoutubebook

Bison Skull Inked

White Tail Deer Skull Inked

White Tail Deer Skull Inked #2

Red Fox Skull Pyrography

Red Fox Skull Pyrography #2

Black Bear Skull Pyrography

White Tail Deer Skull Pyrography

Watch him drawing on a Bison Skull

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