Sublime And Surreal Artwork Made From Layers Of Laser-Cut Plywood

Representing a sophistication and immensity of scope that is rarely seen within the woodworking form, Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schama creates these delightful wood relief sculptures. Using numerous layers of 1/8 inch laser-cut mahogany plywood, he arranges and glues the pieces into something sublime.
The intricate and mandala-like wood sculptures that Schama has created appear delicate, yet robust. The balance and precision achieved are worthy of respect and admiration. The level of abstract surrealism is something Schama touches on.
“After about a year of similar work I started making larger scale abstract works. I envision these as the magnification of the same surreal texture that animates the characters above. I would sketch a thin design on the first layer, and glue on the second sheet of paper once the first was cut. Each iteration of cutting and layering changes the look and feel of the piece, so that it slowly emerges over the course of weeks.”
With the success of a kickstarter campaign, Schama was able to acquire a laser cutter for his studio and continues his work with wood instead of colored paper, which we are more than happy to feature today.






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