Surreal Long Exposure Photos Of Fireflies In The Japanese Countryside

(Above image is courtesy of 365March, and was taken by Yu Hashimoto.)

Japan is a wondrously beautiful country in many aspects. Though crowded to the brim with interesting people and a delightfully unique culture and cuisine, the bright cities of lights and metal and concrete do eventually give way to tranquil forests and fields. Though the lights remain, albeit from a different source.
Firefly 2015 (Kurate)

Fairies in the Jungle by yume . on

Enchanted Bamboo Forest by Nomiyama Kei on

Perhaps lesser known about Japan is its love of fireflies and how plentiful they are. They have even been mentioned in several animated movies and films. Every summer when they come out, these bugs transform the forests of Japan into a magical stage of natural light.

Last Dance of the Fairies by yume . on

Dance for Love

Firefly - Starlit sky on ground

And every year, there are photographers eager to capture some of the natural beauty. Because their flashes are brief and intermittent, a long exposure shot is the best way to capture the incredible display. It truly is a mystical sight to behold.


Stars on the ground by zabby on


Firefly (蛍)

Poetry of Light. Fireflies photographed by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu

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