Swedish Photographer Makes The Impossible Look Real

Full time photographer and retoucher, Erik Johansson, uses photography and his Photoshop skills to make the impossible realistic. In his TED talk, he often talks about the concept of not capturing fixed moments with his camera, but capturing ideas instead. With his personal goal of making each retouched artwork as realistic as it can be, Johansson had groomed himself a large following and notoriety in his profession. He was even commissioned by Volvo, Microsoft, Adobe and Google.

Images via Erik Johansson – WebsiteFacebook
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The Cover up

Face vs. Fist

Go your own road

Fishy island

Cut & Fold
See behind the scenes video here.

Vertical turn

Deep impact

Set them free

Expecting winter

Drifting Away
See behind the scenes video here.



Lazy dog

Roadworker’s coffee break

Let’s leave

Work at sea

A painting too real

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