Teenager Built An Amazing Infinity Table For His Woodworking Class

Some people love woodworking class, or they hate it, or they don’t care and just took it as an “easy” credit. One imgur user known simply as Baumstaller certainly has a nigh-unseen talent and passion for the class. We can only imagine how impressed his teacher was with his work.



Baumstaller is a high school Sophomore that decided to make a color-changing infinity table for his class. He has uploaded the entire process and the finished product to his imgur account.



The infinity table is absolutely incredible, especially when viewed with the lights out. It feels like you’re peering down the shaft of a futuristic elevator, but it is just an illusion.



This young man even got a Grand Award at his high school, and received a perfect score from the judges. He’s only sixteen years old. If this is what he’s capable of before being an adult, imagine what the future holds for him. The full in-depth tutorial and how he built it can be found here.

via imgur



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