The Sculptor Has Perfected The Art Of Sketching With A Bandsaw

James McNabb created this series of work entitled ‘The City Series’ for his MFA Thesis. Using a band saw, McNabb cuts unique pieces of scrap wood. These pieces are attached to create what appears to be a cityscape. They have an architectural quality to them, however no two are the same. This series is meant to symbolize the journey of a woodworker from country to city. They also carry a foreign element, representing an outsider’s impression of a city landscape. McNabb works in his studio in Pennsylvania with his wife and two dogs.

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City Wheel – 53″ x 53″ x 3″

City Table – 41″ x 31″ x 19.5″

City Skyline – 41″ x 31″ x 19.5″

City Sphere – 24″ x 24″ x 24″

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