They Built Full Blown Houses Up In The Trees, Complete With Plumbing And Electricity

Relive your childhood in these adult-sized treehouses, the newest trend in eco-friendly living. This video is a short documentary filmed by The Atlantic, that details the concepts behind treehouse living. As you can see in the video, it hasn’t always been easy trying to obtain the permits to build, because treehouses are built on an unusual foundation (i.e. the tree). The architecture of these houses is truly unique because the home is build around the shape of the tree. Many treehouse owners have organized their treehouses to profit them financially as well, setting them up as bed and breakfasts, or in the case of one, a full fledged “treesort”. Guests who have stayed in these treehouses are delighted with their sleeping experience. Be sure to keep this option in mind when you plan your next vacation!

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