This Artist Combines Sketches With Photography To Create Surreal Worlds

Ben Heine is a Belgian artist, most famed for his ‘Pencil Vs. Camera’ series and his ‘Digital Circlism’ series. His Pencil Vs. Camera series was groundbreaking when it began in April 2010, and is still considered his trademark. What makes this series so unique is the combination of different art mediums. Heine wanted to reconcile his love of drawing with that of photography. Within this reconciliation, Pencil Vs. Camera was born. This concept he created was so revolutionary that apps for iPhone and Android have been created to allow the amateur to create work like Heine. As you can see from these images, nothing compares to the original. Heine’s hand is always displayed in the Pencil Vs. Camera series. The reason for this is the representation of the ties between the viewer, the subject, and the artist in one encapsulated moment. These pieces are truly unique, innovative, and striking.

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