This Artist Turns Your Favorite Characters Obese To Prove A Point

Alex Solis is a Chicago-based artist, that we have profiled before, namely his Inkteraction series. He is an illustrator known for creating clever cartoons, like those in his collection, “Famous Chunkies”, where he takes beloved storybook and cartoon characters, superheroes, and video game characters and depicts them as morbidly obese. His reasoning behind this collection is to raise awareness about unhealthy eating habits. This work is a unique interpretation of a growing health problem. As always, Solis retains the cleverness, detail, and poignancy as viewed in his other work.

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Chunky Superman

Chunky Mario

Chunky Wolverine

Chunky Sub Zero

Chunky Sonic

Chunky Elsa

Chunky Hello Kitty

Chunky Hulk

Chunky Batman

Chunky Darth Vader

Chunky Donatello

Chunky Goku Super Saiyan

Chunky Ryu

Chunky Harry Potter

Chunky Iron Man

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