This Artist Will Make Your Child’s Fantasy A Reality

Wendy Tsao is a Canadian artist that makes children’s drawings come to life. It all started in 2007 when she was inspired by a self-portrait drawn by her son. She was drawn to the way her son visualized his artistic representation of himself, and wanting to give him a toy he could treasure and cherish forever, decided to turn his self-portrait into his very own “softie”. After seeing the fantasy and wonder in these drawings, she decided to accept orders for custom softies. Her business is so popular, that she only takes 120 orders per year from people that are on a waiting list. You may subscribe to her website for email updates on her work, as well as when the next waiting list opens.

by Wendy Tsao, via Child’s Own StudioGalleryHow to orderFacebook

by Leilani, age 4

Emmeline’s bat

by Ada’s friend

by Gage, age 6

Spencer, 10

Fabricio’s 3 headed creature

Tennyson’s softie

Francis’ basilisk

by Orin, age 5

by Lucas, age 7

Coby’s dragon

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