This Dad Turns His Daughter’s Sayings Into Silly Drawings

Children have a reputation for saying the darndest things. Martin Bruckner’s three-year-old daughter Harper Grace is no different. What started as a remonstration at the dinner table, grew into a business. Bruckner decided to illustrate the one-liners that people say in this household, when his wife Michelle, told their daughter, “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes.” Building off this quote, Bruckner created the Spaghetti Toes tumblr account, where he posts illustrations of the hilarious things said in their household. It initially began as a Mother’s Day gift for his wife, then blossomed into a huge Facebook following and a book. You can purchase their prints at their Etsy store.

via Martin Bruckner TumblrWebsiteFacebookEtsy

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