This Table Has A Secret That Reveals Itself Only At Night. Absolutely Amazing!

This table is an excellent addition to any outdoor space. By setting it outside, the table can collect the UV rays it requires to gleam and glimmer when twilight arrives. The table is made from a wood species called Pecky Cypress, a type of cypress wood that has been blemished by a fungal growth. The fungus causes sections of the wood to rot, creating pockets in the wood that have rotted out.

In Mike Warren’s case, he removed the rotten wood from those pockets and filled them in with a resin he mixed with blue glow powder. That is how he maintained the woodgrain pattern even when adding the glowing element. It may seem easy but as you will see below, there are many steps involved in the making of this table. After much sanding, varnishing, more sanding, and installing the legs, Mike was left with a beautiful and unique piece of furniture. It’s currently available on Etsy for a starting price of $900.00.

via Mike Warren – InstructablesWebsiteEtsy

Watch the video below or read through Warren’s step-by-step instructions over on Instructables to see how he did it.

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