Those Aren’t Brush Strokes, Those Are Hundreds Of Pictures Stacked Into One!

Talented Photographer, Matt Molloy, creates his unique skylines by compiling hundreds of photos into one; some pictures are a compilation of over 800 shots! It’s with Molloy’s very own photographic processing technique using timelapse photos, ‘Time Stacks’, that he can achieve such great results. The gorgeous landscape shown in the photographs are rural parts of Ontario, Canada and have been featured in numerous magazines, blogs and televisions shows including Discovery channel’s Daily Planet and National Geographic’s Untamed Americas.

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Icy Sunset – 400 merged photos.

Power Shower

Cosmic Umbilical Cord – 112 merged photos.

Golden Section – 131 merged photos.

Sky Streams and Floating Mountains – 852 merged photos.

Land of the Giant Lollipops – a photo stack from a time-lapse video

Power Lines – 351 merged photos.

Electric Sky

Pick Your Path

Turbulent Airflow – 158 merged photos.

Wind Streams – 372 photos merged.

Hot Spot – 157 merged photos.

Ice Inukshuk

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining – 200 merged photos.

Six Moons Setting

Fire and Smoke – approx. 300 images

Cloud Chaos Dynamics – a photo stack of 6 stills from a timelapse.

Ghost Train

High Power Space Battle – 417 merged photos.

Dotted Lines – 384 merged photos

A Nice Night for Ice and Lights – 225 merged photos.

Smeared Sky Sunset

Twenty Minute Sunset – 313 merged photos

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