Unbelievably Realistic 3D Animals Painted in Layers of Resin

Keng Lye’s work is beyond awesome. When you first look at these three dimensional animals painted in layers of resin, you’d think they’re real. It’s amazing how lifelike each one of them is, and you really need to take a second look when admiring these pieces.
A particular piece that really struck me is the octopus that has its head coming up out of the water in a sultry mood like it would rather be stuck somewhere underwater, than in this dish. Once you check out these pieces you won’t believe your eyes, and you’ll think that the fish swimming around will sooner or later be back in a fish bowl and not put in an exhibit.

via Keng Lye FacebookdeviantART

Find Keng Lye’s latest work on Facebook and deviantART.

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