Unique Tattoo Artist Inks in an Unexpected Way

Pointillism is an art style that involves dotting the medium in a rapid way, creating an image effectively entirely out of dots.
Naturally, this style is not often employed in tattooing, where a sharp stabbing motion is less than desirable – that is, unless you’re getting one of these.

Artist: Ilya Brezinski – FacebookInstagram

Belarussian tattoo artist Ilya Brezinski has mastered the style, completing all of his tattoos this way. With over 50,000 followers on instagram, his work is well regarded and highly sought after.

His work is often surreal and his been compared to that of noted artist, photographer, and not-tattoo-provider Salvador Dali.

With his use of pointillism, Brezinski is able to create a shading effect that is not possible with other, more common methods.


Check out these photos below to get a look at his crazy talent!


Artist: Ilya Brezinski – FacebookInstagram



Artist: Ilya Brezinski – FacebookInstagram



Artist: Ilya Brezinski – FacebookInstagram

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