Vertigo-Inducing Panoramic Photographs of New York Churches by Richard Silver

Photographer Richard Silver has spent his life being many things. He’s been involved with real estate, computer science, and even a job on Wall Street. But it wasn’t until 2011 that he truly embraced his passion and skill for photography.

A fan of architecture, Mr. Silver has been to hundreds of churches throughout his life but only recently figured out a way to — rather uniquely — capture the grandeur, scale, and symmetrical beauty of many of the churches in New York City. Giving a visual representation to a number of churches in New York via use of panoramic photography, his photos offer a way to appreciate the size and scale of a classic church interior.
To look up in wonder at the austere or complex arches above you, those ethereal and special moments of quiet and wondrous reflection are so well captured with these photos, albeit with a unique perspective that simply can’t be had in person.

churchpano1Church of St. Vincent Ferrer

churchpano11Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Bernard’s Church

churchpano2Church of St. Stephen 28th Street / Church of St. Paul the Apostle

churchpano3Calvary Episcopal Church

churchpano4Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava / Church of the Village

churchpano5Church of St. Francis Xavier

churchpano6Vincent de St. Paul 23rd Street / Most Holy Redeemer Church

churchpano7St. Monica’s Church

churchpano8All Souls Church

churchpano10St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral

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