Wax Nostalgic – Meticulous Crayon Carvings by Hoang Tran

We all got told to get creative with Crayola’s, but here’s an artist that actually knew how to make use of this imagination. Instead of using the crayons for coloring, Hoang Tran turned them into canvas. Taking inspiration from popular series such as Doctor Who, Breaking Bad and Star Wars, he hand carved the tip of the crayons into intricate wax sculptures of popular characters including Darth Vader, R2-D2, Chewbacca and Yoda.

Hoang Tran’s shop
(custom requests are welcome)

Great House Sigils – from the Game of Thrones

Adventure Time

Studio Ghibli

Yoda – the artist melted on more wax to extend the ears or else his head would have been tiny.


Hellboy – comic book version

Darth Vader

Breaking Bad – no paint, all wax.


Boba Fett




Morpheus/Dream – from The Sandman

Doctor Who Dalek


Frank the Rabbit – from Donnie Darko

Little Mermaid – no paint, all wax.

Walter – from The Big Lebowski

Black llama

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