Wearable Garment Shapeshifts And Responds To The Gaze Of Another

From the accomplished architect and interaction designer Behnaz Farahi comes “Caress of the Gaze,” an intriguing (if borderline creepy) wearable item. Thinking “what if our outfit could recognize and respond to the gaze of the other?” Behnaz Farahi embarked on this interactive 3D printed wearable, which can detect other people’s gaze and responds accordingly with life-like behavior with the help of a camera.

While impressive and visually stunning to look at, one can’t help but feel disquieted by its nature. One could make an argument that this is a piece to bring attention to inappropriate ogling of a woman’s chest. The sinister music in the video does nothing to allay any such interpretation. Furthermore, the idea of a gaze being able to literally caress someone can be beautiful, or terrifying depending on the location and the context. It’s an incredibly thoughtful project that we can’t wait to see more of in the future.




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