When You Have So Many Books You Build A Decorative Wall Out Of Them

A bibliophile and redditor going by the name Deecerp27 absolutely loves book, and hates to see them destroyed or left languishing in a landfill. Desperate, he turned to Books By The Foot for help in finding a home for discarded books. Preferably his own home. This man had recently acquired a new art studio, and needed some unique decoration.
He drove down to Maryland to pick up roughly 4,000 books for an ultimate book lover’s project. Books By The Foot are all about giving one last chance for books to find a new home, and Deecerp27 was only too happy to help. He had a very special idea in mind. He was going to transform a bland and boring wall into an explosion of paper and color.
Some may be horrified at the abuse of the books involved, but the alternative was being turned into mulch or being left in a landfill somewhere. At the very least they have become an artistic statement and wonderfully unique piece of home decor. For the full tutorial on how they did this and if you want to try it yourself, go here.

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The books arrive!

The space he had to work with.


He used 18 gauge finishing nails to attach the books to each other and to the wall.


It’s a long process, but it’s starting to take shape!


Plywood is needed to properly ‘curve’ the books across the ceiling.


The final product is starting to look good!


A side view of the project and the chaos around it.


All done!





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