Will It Beard – A Quirky Photo Project by Stacy Thiot

Will it beard? That is the question. Photographer Stacy Thiot started a photo project called WILL IT BEARD, where her husband Pierce Thiot tries to stick different household objects in his beard. From raw noodles to toothpicks to lit matches, here’s a few of the things that successfully beard.

Photography by Stacy Thiot – Tumblr

Beard and Bubbles

Beard and Noodles

Beard and Flame

Beard and Umbrella

Beard and Crayons

Beard and Hairties

Beard and Pencils

Beard and Combs and Brushes

Beard and Floss

Beard and Dinos

Beard and Chick

Follow the project on Tumblr for upcoming beard experiments.

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