With Music He Manipulates Sand, Liquids, Electricity, and Fire

Nigel Stanford is an artist/musician who has combined science and sound to create this truly stunning video. Using Cymatics, a branch of science that studies how audio frequencies are visualized, combined with some basic science experiments, Nigel is able to shape sound.

He uses a Chladni Plate to control the movements of grains of sand. He uses hose pipe run through a speaker to experiment how sound travels through water, in addition to placing a dish of frozen vodka on a speaker to learn how sound affects liquids. He also uses a substance called Ferro Liquid to examine the movements of liquid metal and its reaction with magnets.

The coolest experiments in the video however, are Nigel’s manipulation of fire and electricity through sound. By using what’s called a Ruben’s Tube, a hollowed out tube through which propane gas can flow, fire can be controlled when a sound matching the frequency of tube is played. This creates high and low pressure, causing the flame to move and dance. Nigel uses Tesla Coils to generate arcs of electricity, which provide their own rough, distorted sound.

The most impressive part? The music underscoring the video was composed after filming. The visual effects are simply stunning.

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