With These Organic Coffins, You Can Become A Tree When You Die

The Capsula Mundi project was initiated by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. This project was devised to provide an alternative to traditional burials. Instead of a coffin or cremation, the deceased is entombed, in the fetal position, in a biodegradable capsule. A tree chosen by the deceased or their family is then planted directly above the capsule. The body then decomposes back into the Earth, providing the tree with nitrogen-rich nutrients.

Citelli and Bretzel created the project with the goal to reduce the amount of cemeteries filled with tombstones, but rather create memorial forests where relatives can visit and care for their tree. They also aim to reduce the the number of trees destroyed to manufacture coffins. Though it is still in the concept phases, as it is a prohibited method of burial in Italy, where the project is being developed. Still, it is comforting to think that instead of spending eternity in a box, our bodies can contribute to new life.

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